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User Management for AD, Exchange, Teams SfB & Microsoft 365
New feature: Manage Microsoft Teams.

ADO ++ is an easy-to-use software for managing your Active Directory infrastructures with Exchange, Skype for Business and Microsoft 365 including Teams.

With ADO ++, administrators can perform tasks such as creating and managing users,
distribution lists, and contacts easyly with an ergonomic application. In addition to the
Active Directory tasks such as the password reset, Exchange, Skype for Business (On Prem) and Microsoft 365 including Teams options can be easily managed. All these tasks can be limited by roles within your

Your infrastucture: On Premise, Cloud or Cloud with DirSync?

All options are supported: Users in the Active Directory of the enterprise (On Premise)
with a DirSync synchronization in the Azure AD (hybrid), as well as the pure cloud use,
where the Microsoft 365 users are present only in the Azure AD. Mixed (hybrid) configurations are
also possible. Exchange mailboxes can be on premise, in the cloud or in both worlds.
ADO ++ automatically detects the existing configuration and connects to the local Exchange
and Skype for Business Infrastructure or to Exchange Online and Teams in the cloud.

The user administration is automatically done in the right place. In addition to users, also
groups and contacts can be administered.

Develop your own administrative solution:

Additionallay we can support you to develop your own solution to manage new and existing Microsoft Products. We know the features of Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business and Microsoft 365 including Teams, and we know, how to implement the administration in application and scripts..